Free from any kind of filtration media




Conventional vacuum receivers have direct intake of plastic materials. The plastic granule enters the receiver at a velocity of 25 metres/second, or 5,000 ft/min, and more, and stops by hitting on the inner walls of the receiver body.

A relatively common design is the tangential intake port. Similarly to the direct intake port, the tangential one allows the plastic granule to enter the receiver at a velocity of 25 metres/second, or 5,000 ft/min, or more. The granules are subject to a lower physical stress, if compared to the direct intake, but the high turbulence in the receiver generates high quantities of dust.

The ultimate design for an appropriate handling of the plastic granules. The speed of conveyance of the granules is dissipated by the right-angle bend at the top of the receiver. The granules fall into the receiver body, where they have a residual speed of 1 metre/second, or 195 ft/min. No physical stress, powder generation or carry overs will ever take place.

The Hows and Whys

Conveying of plastics requires an initial velocity of at least 12 metres/second, or 2400 ft/min, to have the material moving. The material has a velocity of 25 metres/second, or 5000 ft/min, by the time it reaches the vacuum receiver.

PureFlo efficiency:

1. The material entering the receiver flows through a proprietary "Right Angle Bend"  the  RaBend. The Rabend absorbs the material impact and eliminates any abrasive wear on the receiver body. It directs the flow to the base of the receiver. 
2. The air escapes from the receiver through an air ring, which is the space between the Rabend  and the inner wall of the  receiver. The air velocity in the air ring is controlled to 1 metre/second, or 195 ft.min speed.
3. The air ring velocity, which is less than 5% of the pick up velocity, is sufficiently low not to carry over any granule or particle.

The essential design elements provide pure product transfer



TECHINICAL DATA                PF5 PF10 PF15 PF20 PF30 PF50 PF75
Volume litres 5 10 15 20 30 50 75
Compressed air pressure bar       6-8      
Compressed air use litre/cyde       0,5      
Width mm 380 380 520 380 520 520 520
Height mm 605 695 730 920 840 960 1180
Mounting flange diameter mm       280      
Material intake and vacuum ports mm 40/50 40/50 40/50/60 40/50 40/50/60 40/50/60 40/50/60


From the highest level of cleanliness to the largest volume of production



  • SAVE
  • Abrasive wear
  • The granules enter the receiver at 1 metre/second and do not have sufficient kinetic force to pose an abrasive effect on the receiver walls. PureFlo is very indicated for filled materials
  • Plugged lines
  • No more dirty filters and subsequently no more drop of suction performance, i.e. elimination of plugged line.
  • Dust problems
  • Only the volatile powder is carried over to the central filter at the vacuum unit. PureFlo provides the best capacity of separation amongst air, volatile dust, larger powder particles and granules.
  • No filter maintenance
  • No filter at the receiver equals to no need for cleaning


  • Maintenance cost
  • No more operations of maintenance at difficult or sensitive locations
  • Operating cost
  • The filter absence eliminates the possibility of pressure drop at the receiver, hence the efficiency of operation of the resin conveying system is kept the highest possible.
  • Installation cost
  • PureFlo can be installed anywhere with no need for access devices (ladders, platforms, structural elements)
  • Spare parts cost
  • Cleanliness
  • No need for accessing the receiver internal chamber to remove the filter for cleaning purposes
  • Conveying efficiency
  • The highest ever performance of conveying even on existing systems by replacing the vacuum receivers with PureFlo
  • Machine utilization and productivity
  • No downtime for any maintenance activity
  • Profitability
  • The highest output and quality of the product at the lowest operating cost

Receivers are often at a location that is difficult to access: safe access is a serious and expensive issue bypassed by Pureflo maintenance free receivers

The operation of filter cleaning on conventional receivers in a clean room is a housekeeping and maintenance nightmare. With PureFlo the hassle is eliminated.

Why PureFlo? - the top ten list

Optimal Material Separation Efficiency - better than 99.99 %
Best possible Abrasion Resistance
No compressed air connection and maintenance costs
Lowest Maintenance and operating costs
More efficient conveying - System pressure drop never changes
No more plugged line and capacity problems due to plugged filters
Compressed Air blowback and dust problems are eliminated
No screens or filters to change
Simple operation - nothing to maintain
Lowest cost to install and operate
It pays for itself

The latest solution for material conveying applicable to all process



  • Packaging
  • Automotive
  • Industrial & Electronics
  • Building & Construction
  • Textile
  • Furniture, toys, housewares
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical
  • Recycling & Compounds

Multitude of processes


Injection moulding, extrusion or extrusion blow moulding are processes that need different kinds of auxiliary equipment.

With a complete range of material conveying, blending, drying and cooling systems, along with broad engineering capabilities, Piovan fulfills all requirements by providing the most suitable solution.



Global reach


Large corporations operating in the automotive industry have selected Piovan as their strategic supplier.

Localised production, coupled with service and sales capabilities, are of the essence to provide the expected solutions and back up necessary in such very competitive and dynamic industry sector as the automotive one.



Sound know-how and expertise


With the most complete range of products and an in-depth knowledge and experience, Piovan engages close partnerships with its customers, for joint projects developments or for shared activities carrying strategic nature.


Industrial & Electronics

Equipment design


Continuous R&D and dedicated resources for the activities of solution engineering and customization of systems, is how Piovan maintains a solid foothold in the building and construction industry.

Local production sites, encompassing service and sales capabilities, are of the essence to provide state of the art and personalised solutions which support each and every necessity in such a competitive and demanding industry.


Building & Construction

Productivity and uptime


Production processes requiring dependable auxiliary equipment are those characterising the textile industry.

Any extrusion application is represented by a continuous process of transformation of plastic, at considerable high rates and at conditions that require highly accurate control of mechanical and physical parameters of the raw resin, prior to being transformed into a finished product.



Flexibility, control and efficiency


General purpose applications must be carefully assessed when it comes to determining the most suitable set-up for rendering the production process profitable, efficient and sustainable.

A complete understanding of the objective the end product must achieve and the technology behind making it distinctive and unique, is what Piovan provides as a value added to the development and supply of the engineered solution for the processing equipment.


Furniture, toys, housewares



With 50 years of activity in the industry and the broadest range of products in the sector of the auxiliary equipment, Piovan values attention to equipment design, quality of any of the components utilised and safety of operation from any perspective.

Guarantee of performance with any Piovan product is expressed in a safe method of utilisation of the equipment and a secure result with any of the processes to be accomplished.


Medical & Pharmaceutical

A great deal of energy conservation and performance


Ultimate technologies for the preparation of plastic materials and specific application-developed solutions, are the attributes of Piovan at the basis of providing  a response to the processes of recycling.

High performance machinery and controls of the latest generation, featuring the highest precision and accuracy of operation, are a must for the production of ultimate compounds.


Recycling & Compounds

Simply to use, no maintenance



The uniqueness of the design of PureFlo is further certified by both existing (US6251152B1) and  pending patents covering this very new and innovative technology for highly efficient feeding of plastic materials.

Best possible abrasion resistance